Are You Tired Of Having Bad Posture?

"Discover How To Get Better Posture And End Your Back Pain For Good!

Fix Your Forward Head Posture, Prevent The Dowager Hump,
And Correct Your Rounded Shoulders ...Guaranteed!"

Dear Better Posture Seeker,

I’m Dr. Natalie Cordova, a Chiropractor and posture expert, and I want to help you improve your posture! You can have good posture!

Yes, it’s completely possible – you just have to stop wasting time doing the things that can’t possibly work – and take the right steps.
Do this, and you’ll notice big changes in just a few weeks.

Remember slumping on the couch watching TV until Mom came in and yelled at you to “sit in that chair properly!”?

Now, there is no one to tell you to “sit up straight.” (That won’t work anyway) You’ve fallen into bad posture habits – you spend hours and hours in bad posture, just doing your normal daily activities.

Habits are hard to break, but what if you didn’t even have to think about “remembering” to have good posture? What if it was just what you did naturally?

Are you concerned about your Forward Head Posture?

Or maybe you’ve noticed that you hold your head out in front of you – what chiropractors call the Forward Head Posture. When you look at your side reflection, your head is pushed forward, which doesn’t look good and causes a lot of extra strain on your neck and upper back.

Most of my patients that are dealing with headaches arrive in our office with just this very posture. A lot of times, this also is the beginning of a hump, like those little old ladies get.

The first time you noticed this about yourself, you knew it wasn’t normal, but what could you do? You figured it was causing some of the headaches, neck and upper back pain you’ve been dealing with off and on.

You probably figured it was just part of getting older, like there was nothing you could do about it — but that’s not true!

Are your Rounded Shoulders causing you shoulder pain?

In my chiropractic practice, one of the main causes of upper back and shoulder pain is rounded shoulders. Most of my patients can’t think of any trauma they might have had, but they are usually only considering major traumas like car accidents and falls.

They forget about the daily, repetitive trauma of gravity pulling their shoulders out of their normal position and alignment. How many hours per week do your shoulders spend in bad posture?

But what can you do to correct the problem? It’s not just about how you stand. It’s not just about good ergonomics either? You can’t be thinking about good posture all the time – it has to be more about building up the right muscles so that it all happens without you thinking about it.

Do you just want to improve you posture so your back
will stop hurting?

Maybe you just have to sit or stand in place for long periods of time, causing your back ache all over. By the end of a long day, you can no longer sit or stand without the constant feeling that you need to stretch your back or feeling like it “needs to pop.”

You may not have realized your bad posture was contributing to your back pain. Or you simply didn’t know what to do about it. You’ve probably tried to sit up straight, bought posture supports, changed your chair… but it didn’t last, right?

Your bad posture started out as just another bad habit. That’s probably why you think you can just “remember” your way to attaining good posture. You’re thinking to yourself, “If I just had something that would remind me to sit up straight or an alarm or something that went off every couple of minutes…”

But you know that’s just not practical.

Have you tried to buy a posture support or a posture corrector yet? Didn’t work out like you thought, right? You put it on, had good posture for a couple of minutes, maybe even a few days, then when you took it off – you quickly started to realize you were getting dependent on it.

You need fast results combined with a long term solution to finally solve your bad posture problem. There is a solution, but most people just want to wear something in a well-meaning attempt to change it now – but that’s just not going to work!

Try The Other Stuff – You’ll See That They Don’t Work,
Because They Can’t.

My patients have tried all of these “solutions.” I’ve heard the stories and have seen their lack of results. They really want good posture – and they are tired of wasting their time on stuff that doesn’t work.

Sometimes, it’s only after they’ve spent thousands of dollars on these “solutions” that they decide to find a real solution to their back pain problems. Sometimes it’s only after I have shown them the damage on x-ray that they really wish they would have taken the right action sooner.

Even though it’s not too late for them (although they will have a much more difficult road), it’s still frustrating to know that it just didn’t have to be this way. For that reason, I have a goal of reaching people earlier and helping them change this very preventable condition.

I couldn’t relieve my grandmother’s suffering,
but I can help relieve your pain.

My own grandmother suffered from a Dowagers Hump, the stoop-inducing bend in her upper back caused by bad posture habits from her youth. I loved her dearly but secretly thought to myself, “I sure hope that doesn’t happen to me.” It didn’t look good but, more importantly, I knew she suffered with back pain everyday.

I decided I wanted to find a way to help people like her, those who suffered from back pain caused by bad habits, poor nutrition or hereditary factors. I became a chiropractor to help people find relief from their back pain.

In my more than 14 years as a chiropractor, I have treated patients with all kinds of back problems – most of which can be traced directly to their bad posture. Much of my work is making weekly adjustments to their spine and general alignment. This relieves the pain in the short term but I kept seeing the same patients come back again and again with the same problems.

“My back aches when I sit at the computer for even a short time.”

I’m tired of seeing how I look in pictures, and my clothes don’t look right.”

“I get bad headaches nearly every day, and my neck is sore and stiff.”

“I missed a week of work (again) because I threw out my back.”

Frankly, I got tired of hearing their complaints because I knew there were simple exercises they could do to permanently alleviate their suffering.

That is why I created Posture Confidence.

posture confidence dvd

You see, I love helping people with their posture. As a chiropractor, I see the negative effects of bad posture in my practice every day. I hate taking an x-ray and telling the patient that they have degeneration in their spine. The look on their face when they see they have bone spurs is always hard to take – and I’ve seen it too many times.

The biggest causes of your bad posture are
your daily activities and your “workouts.”

As a fitness enthusiast, I am always shocked when I see people working out so hard but still have bad posture. I’m convinced that many people don’t even realize how bad their posture is, even top athletes.

computer postureFrom this I learned that unfocused exercising won’t work. Doing the specific exercises that target specific muscles – your postural support muscles – is what makes all the difference.

You see, a group of muscles known as your postural muscles supports your spine. These muscles work together to keep you spine, your neck, head and your hips in perfect alignment – if they are properly strengthened. The problem is most people don’t exercise their back muscles, or they don’t do it the right way, or they don’t do it consistently.

It’s the imbalance that’s leads to the posture problems. Typically, you are only working out the muscles you can see in the mirror (at least these are the muscles you work out the most – and I don’t just mean at the gym – think about your normal daily activities).

Even if you don’t exercise regularly, you are still overworking your “front” muscles in your normal daily activities!

Yes, you should do “abs.”

In fact, ab exercises are a part of the exercises in Posture Confidence.

However, we are going to concentrate on the other side – the side you can’t see so easily in the mirror – your back.

The reality is – these exercises are the only thing that can make a difference.

You’re going to have to exercise. You have to change how your muscles work. You can’t keep wasting your time on things that are going to give you false hope and that can’t possibly work while your posture just gets worse and worse.

You need to do specific exercises.

The exercises need to be practical. Something you won’t mind doing. Something you don’t have to “remember” all the time. Just something that improves your posture as efficiently and as quickly as possible. I figure if you get results, you’ll keep it up! …and what if you actually like doing them?!

The exercises are not difficult to understand, and they will make all the difference in your posture. They will make all the difference in your forward head posture, in your rounded shoulders and in your “hump.”

With Posture Confidence, you’ll learn:

A sitting workout, using some light weights. If you can’t get on the floor or you want to work out at your desk, this workout will make all the difference.

A beginner workout, designed to teach someone with even the worst posture how to get things going in the right direction as quickly as possible

An advanced workout. The best workout I know to kick your posture improvement program to next level

A total of 3 workouts of easy-to-complete exercises that will vastly improve your posture and your overall health in just minutes a day!

With Posture Confidence, you will gain confidence as your posture improves. You will stand taller, meeting the world with a straight-on gaze. You will feel stronger and more vibrant. Tasks that you dreaded doing before because you knew the back pain would be nearly debilitating will be accomplished with ease.

Posture Confidence is designed to give you a quick daily workout that will improve your posture and overall health by strengthening your postural muscles.

And the DVD is unique because it is designed to allow you to quickly complete the exercises without complex equipment – only a DVD player and a flat, soft space to lie down are required.

The exercises are simple and low impact. Not like those dance routine exercise programs that force you to keep pace with their flashy steps. If you get out of step, you have to stop, rewind and start over. Not much fun, if you ask me!

The Posture Confidence DVD program
is designed to be followed in a mere 10 to 15 minutes a day.

This carefully designed set of exercises can be done as soon as you get up in the morning, accomplished in very little time. And even if you can only devote 3 to 4 days a week to the exercises, you will quickly notice a difference. And so will those around you.

Get the results you want, as fast as possible, and make the change to FINALLY change your posture for good… GUARANTEED.

posture confidence dvd
Get Started Now100% Money Back Guarantee

How much would you pay to be pain free with a perfect posture?

The average appointment with a chiropractor costs $75, and that is for a single adjustment.

An ergonomic chair costs $800 or more.

A space-age mattress designed to fit your every contour costs upwards of $1500.

A week at a special spa would cost … who knows how much!!

What would you expect to pay for a specially designed program, complete with information about how bad posture develops, what harmful effects the bad habit of slouching can cause, and detailed instructions on how to complete each exercises and be pain free with a perfect posture? Would you pay hundreds of dollars for the cure to your pain?

You don’t have to …

You can get the Posture Confidence DVD today for just $29.

For less than the price of one typical office visit to any doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist you will have the information to handle your posture problem immediately. For less than the cost of one session with a personal trainer, you will know the exercises to change your posture.

Save yourself years of pain, spinal damage and bad posture by taking action today with my no risk, money back guarantee. Try the exercises on the DVD for 60 days and if you don’t see improvement in your posture and overall well being, I will refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

But wait…the DVD isn’t the only thing you get for $29.

posture confidence dvd
Get Started Now100% Money Back Guarantee

I have so much to teach you about correcting your bad posture!

Because I have done so much research into the causes and results of bad posture, I have a wealth of knowledge to give away. And I believe that you deserve to have every bit of information available to you so you can fully appreciate the problem and its solutions.

You wouldn’t want to start running without the proper running shoes – why would you want to start strengthening you postural muscles without every possible tool and resource available?

Any one of these bonuses could stand on their own and make significant changes in how you look and feel. In fact, they all have. I’ve sold each of these items individually with great success but I am including them, for a limited time, because I want to honor what my grandmother taught me.

But to be fair to the people that have already purchased these things individually and paid more than this, I can’t keep these bonuses up forever.

And that means if you wait, if you don’t act now … well, then you’ll miss out. It’s that simple.

Look at these:

Bonus #1

The Posture Confidence eBook

The Posture Confidence eBook is “Everything You Need To Change Your Posture For Good.” Even more posture exercises show you how to get on the fast track to changing your posture. The exercises are broken down by condition and area of the body so you can have just what you need right at your fingertips.

The book also addresses posture supports, choosing your office chair, choosing the best mattress to avoid posture and back pain problems and all the dangers of bad posture… including the conditions that you just can’t fix on your own!

Usually $18.50

Bonus #2

10 Stretches I Wish My Patients Knew

This report is filled with the stretches that I wish just about every patient I’ve seen had done to help them avoid the pain and problems before they came into my office. I see so many of the same conditions and problems every day. It only took a short time in my chiropractic practice to realize that most people were doing (or not doing) the same things that contributed to their back problems.

Do these stretches and you will put your posture program on the fast track, and you’ll like get rid of or avoid most neck pain, back pain and tons of other arm and leg pain complaints.

Usually $10

Bonus #3

Audio Interview with Dr. Natalie Cordova

Can you think of any other situation where you have a doctor talking for more than 20 minutes about posture, how people get bad posture and what to do about it?

Sure you can read it in the book or continue to scour the internet looking for answers.

Or you can put this on your mp3 player (or listen to it on your computer) and get the real “inside story” about how bad posture forms and what you can do about it.


Then there's the guarantee...


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Every DVD is backed by my money-back guarantee. Order the DVD, try it out for a FULL 60 Days. If you are not completely satisfied, if you don’t see significant improvement in your posture and reduction in you back pain, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.


P.S. Order today and I’ll rush the DVD to you immediately so you can begin the exercises that will improve your posture and eliminate your back pain.

P.P.S If you give me your email address when you purchase the DVD, I will go ahead and send you the link to download your bonus reports immediately. That way you will have read the reports, listened to the exclusive interview, and will be ready to start the exercises when the DVD arrives!

posture confidence dvd
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